Polebridge recording session

Early September, a new project of Rob Mosher and I, Polebridge, went into the studio to record the group’s first album.

The Band:

  • John Marcus – Violin
  • Stephanie Nilles – Pianos, Hammond B3, and I’m pretty sure some mumbling
  • Rob Mosher – Clarinet and Sax
  • Andrew Small – Bass, Fiddle
  • me – trumpets and some other noises

Working with this odd squad was humbling. I’ve been practicing just to keep up for the next time we play…

The Music: The tunes were composed by Rob, and cover some pretty diverse terrain. There’s some through-composed chamber style stuff, some minimalism, an appalachian folk tune, some Klezmer, a country tune, and some jazz influence banging around there as well. It’s a grab bag of styles, but Rob’s used the individualities of the players really well.

The Studio: Dubway Studios in Manhattan. These guys were awesome to us. They allowed us to move a console piano (thankfully donated to us by William Norman and the fine folks at the Fieldston School) into the studio to use on a few tunes. It was WAY more trouble than I had anticipated, but the guys at Dubway were inordinately supportive of the whole affair. Big, big thanks.

The Album: Titled “Polebridge” is scheduled for release in March. We’ve got some editing left, and then it’s off to Peter Lutek in Toronto to be mastered. There will be a kickstarter posted here, among other places, where Rob and I will kindly and politely ask you to support the group by backing the project, helping us to see the print of the album through. We’ve got some shows lined up in the Spring to celebrate the release, and are hoping to plan a tour in the Fall of 2013 (Pacific Northwest perchance?)

I’m super thankful to the group, and Rob in particular for helping see this album through. Rob and I had started planning this almost a year ago (in it’s earliest incarnation, we were going to go to Polebridge, MT, to record on site at an outdoor theater…maybe the sophomore effort will fulfill…), and it feels good to get it going off the ground. Life is good. More to come…

Also, one more special shout to Judd Greenstein and the friendly folks at New Amsterdam Records for letting us into their spectacular new space in Red Hook to rehearse. I can’t wait to see some shows there!

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