PBM’s “I Got Mine” Video Shoot

Just a little while ago, for the first time in a while, the touring formation of Mark Gould’s Pink Baby Monster (along with some special guests) came together to shoot a video for a tune called “I Got Mine”. It was definitely a thing.


A few years back, this group presented an evolving show, “Jews in the Desert”, written by Gould and Brian McWhorter. We did a handful of shows in New York City, a couple of tours, and an enlightening show at the International Trumpet Guild Conference in Banff, Canada. These times were formative for me. Watching and participating in the creative process of this group has been a schooling. Gould is a force to be reckoned with.


The tune accompanying the video, “I Got Mine” is a libertarian fetish piece. It’s also rated “R”, but for really valid reasons. Hopefully the video will be released soon. It’ll be part of Mark Gould’s juggernaut run to the White House, to be elected in 2012. Some Genghis Barbie members are featured as well. They’re a fun bunch.

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