John Cage Tribute with The Knights at The Stone

Last Sunday, I took part in a really fun concert with the Knights at The Stone, John Zorn’s venue in the East Village. The article in the Times (that’s me behind Josh Frank, who’s in the gorilla suit) sums it up pretty well, but Max Mandel created a John Cage tribute piece that required us to play a non-musical instrument in addition to our own (I used an air mattress pump, but there were also giant scissors, an old phone, and popcorn maker among the group), interspersed with quotes from the Big Lebowski that he had chosen. The two sets were a blast.

The people in that group are incredible musicians. If you haven’t had the chance to hear them live before, you owe it to yourself. It’s an incredibly special group of performers. They embody what every orchestra should aspire to. Even when dressed in gorilla suits, playing melodicas.

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